Who Needs CPR Certification?

CPR Certification means you have done the necessary test to prove that you are qualified to provide cardiac pulmonary resuscitation. It is strongly recommended for everyone, no matter who you are. This is almost required certification for people who work with children, the elderly or in the health care field. Even if you are not certified, you should teach yourself how to do this technique and be able to execute it correctly if you need to save the life of someone. For those who required to have CPR certification in cardiac pulmonary resuscitation include: doctors, licensed physical therapists, nurses, dentists, chiropractors and other health professionals. For some, teachers, camp counselors, lifeguards, parents and other allied health workers are required to have CPR certification just to be prepared in case of an emergency. To obtain Certification it is available in person through hospitals and fire departments or if todays busy lifestyle it is very convenient if you enroll in websites they offer online CPR certification as well. If you already got the certification but your knowledge and skills may be a little dated, you can have CPR Recertification training.

CPR Certification is important because it means that you know how to give emergency cardiovascular care to save people who are in need especially to those who are far away from hospitals. The qualification for the infant CPR training should allow for between four to five hours of training, for adult and pediatric CPR courses may take an extra time. You should make sure that your certification is still in date and hasn’t expired. And you will take the CPR recertification after two years to keep your qualification valid. People who undergo training should pass CPR course and be updated for the recommended videos and other training guides every six months. Do yourself a little favor and get certified in CPR. You never know when you might need it.

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